Talk to Strangers

I know this goes against everything our parents ever taught as little tots, but talking to strangers is a MUST for all aspiring adventurers.

Here’s why I love it. People are AWESOME. I get such satisfaction from learning about what makes others tic, what their interests are, and what they do for fun. The more out of the box the better! Most, if not all,  of the time people are eager for you to try the things that they love. Think about it– you recommend your favorite book and you want them to call you to talk about it. You want people to laugh at the same movie that you think is so stinkin hilarious and then quote it with each other ad nauseam. The same holds true for adventurous activities. That’s why I want others to “Go Here Do This!” Because I had a stellar experience with it!

I was recently inducted into the Houston Slack-line Society all because I went up to talk to complete strangers about what they were doing. And now I know where they are going to set up shop on Saturdays. You’ve probably seen the outdoorsy people balancing on a rope tied between two trees- thats a slack-line. And it’s harder than it looks.


One of the more recent, hilarious run ins were these Santa Clauses who were attending a Santa Clause Convention at the same hotel I was staying at. Yes, this is not make believe! Thank goodness a real life Mrs. Clause was available to take the picture for us. After telling them what I wanted for Christmas this year, I was nervous that they would get weird about taking a picture with us. When I asked, I was quickly reminded that this is what they do for a living. HA! or should I say “Ho Ho Ho!”0

So push your social boundaries a little and be pleasantly surprised about the future adventures that unfold!

Let’s GO!


2 thoughts on “Talk to Strangers

  1. We enjoyed reading your blog very much. You have a great writing talent and .
    it appears you have found a great place to use it. We agree with you about living with a wonderful Christian outlook and always thinking about a bucket list of things you want to accomplish.

    We loved our trips with you to Silverton, Vail, Costa Rica, Grand Cayman,Tahoe, Whistler, Lake L.B. Johnson and Lake Placid. Hope we can travel again with you soon.

    Best wishes for you with “goheredothis”

    Blair & Richard

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